Encona Brazilian BBQ Sauce
Encona Brazilian BBQ Sauce
Sainsbury's Hot Pepper Sauce
I like to keep an eye on what supermarkets are doing with their own brand sauces, and it's great when you come across an attempt that is actually quite good. Well Sainsbury's, this one is a blinder.
Jalapeno, lime, & coriander chilli sauce recipe
I'm all up for spending a couple of hours in the kitchen coming up with a crafted chilli sauce recipe, but sometimes you want to come up with something quick and that will work every time.
Cholula Hot Sauce Chilli Garlic
I'm a big fan of the original variety of Cholula, it's the perfect beginners hot sauce since it has a heat which almost anyone can manage, but packs in such a good taste. I usually have a bottle floating around somewhere since it's so versitile thanks to the big fresh flavour and splash on consistency.
Panola Cajun Hot Sauce Salsa Picante
I got this Panola sauce as part of a gift pack which came with a total of four sauces, and was surprisingly quite cheap for imported sauce (£4.99). Panola Cajun Hot Sauce Salsa Picante seems to be the 'Original' variety in the gift pack so I thought I would review it first.
Crazy Bastard Sauce – Tomatillo & Habanero
Crazy Bastard Sauce is a small-batch (15 litre) chilli sauce produced in a professional kitchen in Germany, and the website indicates that each batch may vary slightly in terms of colour and heat. The recipe for Crazy Bastard Sauce has taken three years to perfect, and I can really see why.
Snyder's of Hanover Hot Buffalo Wing Pretzel Pieces
Artificially flavoured broken pretzel pieces, in a foil bag, seasoned with a slightly greasy coating. You could say that Hanover's premium snack sounds a little nasty, and you may be right, but goddamn do they taste good.
Making your own hot sauce or chilli sauce is extremely rewarding since you are in control of the heat, flavour, consistency, and sometimes colour.
Blair’s Sudden Death sauce
This bottle of Blair's Sudden Death sauce I'm holding is a similar size to the standard bottle of Tabasco. However when I hold a bottle of Tabasco, I'm not shitting myself, unlike when I hold a bottle of Blair's.
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