Sauce Shop – Buffalo Hot Sauce

A thick, golden sauce made with Scotch Bonnets and real butter, this sauce is designed to be smothered over chicken wings for a no-fuss buffalo wing experience.

A super attractive looking sauce with a wonderful colour and great consistency.  The sauce is thick but not gloopy, and has a homemade vibe to it – you can pick out tiny specks of what is either chilli, onion, or garlic.

I was surprised at how strong the dairy aroma is; you can pick out the butter well, and the citrus from the Scotch Bonnets cut through.

On taste, it’s a clear blend of butter, vinegar, and chilli peppers.  The Scotch Bonnets are identifiable and spiky, and there is a nice acidity helping bring out their flavour. A very subtle sweetness is present, probably from the onions & garlic and rounds off the vinegar.  A problem though, I just can’t get past the buttery taste – it tastes strange and is far too strong for me.   Even though Sauce Shop use nothing but real butter, it just tastes a little artificial and out of place.  I’ve reviewed a similar sauce before that had the same kind of daily taste to it… This is better but I’m not a fan, sorry.

Personally I would prefer if Sauce Shop toned down the butter, or left it out entirely, and left it up to us to mix the sauce with butter if we so desired.

The heat is a great asset of this sauce, it’s a fast acting chilli punch which doesn’t hang around too long, perfect for when you’re smashing through a pile of heavily doused chicken wings.

I can tell that this is well put together sauce, made with quality natural ingredients, but I’m not a fan of the butter element to this.  I’ve tried it on chicken wings and it was okay, but pass me the Frank’s Red Hot anytime over this.



Habanero Hot Sauce – Memento Mori

Looking like a medieval potion or elixir, Memento Mori Habanero Hot Sauce comes in a small glass bottle, capped with a cork and sealed with wax.   The skull adorned label looks hand drawn, and it’s simplicity adds a mysterious air to this sauce.  Let’s get it out the way; this sauce looks the absolute business.

On opening, an aroma so strong and fiery leaps out of the bottle and almost sends me staggering.  A potent punch of fresh chilli, spices, and vinegar.    The sauce has quite a thin consistency, with lumps of chilli flesh dotted throughout.

Straight away, the fresh Habenero flavour dominates and surges through the taste buds – smoky, earthy, citrusy tones all present.  Some kind of spice is in this one, perhaps smoked paprika – I can’t check since the ingredients are not listed.  Garlic, and a little bit sweetness are present, and the acidity from the vinegar is bang on.  In fact, the acidity of this sauce is perhaps one of its strongest points – it balances out the rich flavour of the Habanero & garlic, and prevents the heat from dominating.

The heat is fierce at first, gets the salvia running.  After a minute or so, the heat transforms into stinging warmth around the tongue and mouth.  It’s clear when fresh chillies are used in a sauce since the heat given off is so natural and unforced – it’s an intense heat, but a pleasurable one.

Thanks to the great acidity of this Habanero Hot Sauce, it compliments many foods well, and I really enjoyed having it splashed on a chicken salad, and dotted over avocado on toast.

I’d guess that Memento Mori has poured their heart and soul into this sauce, and to me it shows.  An exceptional tasting sauce, this is one I can only recommend to the highest degree.  Memento Mori really has made a modern-day chilli elixir.

Rating: 5/5


Habanero Hot Sauce – Memento Mori

Habanero Hot Sauce – Memento Mori

Habanero Hot Sauce – Memento Mori

Hot Sriracha Sauce – Windward

It’s quite easy to come by Sriracha sauces these days… Supermarkets, discount stores, corner shops, even pubs.  However, some are certainly better than others…

Hot Sriracha Sauce by Windward comes in a dinky, squeezy bottle and has a twist cap much like the loved ‘Huy Fong’ brand of Sriracha.   The ingredients list is pretty long considering this should be quite a simple sauce, but thankfully nothing artificial.

The sauce has a shiny, gluey consistency to it, and looks a little like fake blood when poured.      All I can smell at this stage is chilli powder, and I can’t pick out any fresh ingredients.

Windward’s Sriracha tastes highly acidic and quite sharp.  Like in the aroma there is a strong taste of stale chilli powder, but is livened up by a strong fresh hint of garlic once the acidity passes.

The heat is medium, I’ve had hotter varieties of Sriracha in the past, and the heat gets swept away when added to food.  Not great.

Hot Sriracha Sauce by Windward cost me £0.59p for 300g.  It’s cheap, and it tastes cheap.   I’m one for finding a bargain sauce, but life is too short to eat this uninspiring gloop over superior brands of Sriracha.

Rating: 2/5

Morrisons Volcanic Vindaloo

Morrisons Volcanic Vindaloo – An extra hot chicken curry made with Naga chillies. I’ve been trying to get my hands one of these for a while now, and finally spotted them and purchased two today. I had the curry for lunch, with no rice or bread, just a salad.
🌶 So, how hot is it? Easily the hottest curry, or prepared meal from a supermarket for sure. After eating half, it made my eyes water, tongue swell, and nose run. The heat doesn’t really hit for a couple minutes, and continues to burn for 5 minutes or so after finishing. I can now feel it my stomach, churning up everything up a bit. It is hot, but only as much as a good Indian restaurant’s/takeaway’s Vindaloo. A very satisfying heat.
😋 The curry itself is nice, Morrisons have done a great job with the sauce and the extra green finger chillies add a nice texture, but don’t add to the heat when eaten. The chicken is a little processed tasting, but this curry was just £2-ish when you take into consideration the meal deal that it is part of.
👺 Heat wise – it’s a 3/5. Biting into a raw Scotch Bonnet or Habanero would cause more pain, and there are lots of hot sauces that that burner harder and longer. However I’m sure some would find this curry inedible.
⭐ Overall rating: 4/5. Great job @morrisons, I would love to see more hot products like this…

Hot and Smoky Chipotle Chilli Sauce – Sainsbury’s

Hot and Smoky Chipotle Chilli Sauce by @sainsburys. A terracotta red coloured sauce with easily pourable consistency. Immediately you can taste the chipotle and red Jalapeño chillies, and there is a lovely refreshing lime taste that comes through. The sweetness of this sauce is near perfect for this kinda sauce, it’s just enough to temper the acidity and rounds off the chilli heat well. This is slightly hotter than I thought it would be, a stinging heat that also warms the mouth after a while, really good. This sauce remind me loads of Chipotle Cholula, and Wahaca Arbol Sauce. I had this on scrambled eggs this morning and it went perfectly! Only criticism is that sauce gets a bit lost among stronger flavoured food, and thus could benefit with being a little more thick and concentrated. That said, for ONE POUND this sauce is an absolute bargain and is frickin delicious! Seriously one to stock up on! Rating: 4.5/5. Took me by surprise, this is fucking great! from Instagram:

The Stinger – Screaming Chimp

The Stinger by Screaming Chimp @screamingchimp1 An all natural chilli sauce, ruby red in colour, and has a loose but slightly chunky consistency. First thing that hits you is the aroma, this sauce smells fantastic – lots of sweet tomato and garlic. On taste, a lovely well balanced sweetness, followed by rich tomato, onion, and garlic flavour. The chilli flavour is beautiful, very fresh tasting and is complimented well by the addition of orange and lemon juice. The name ‘The Stinger’ is absolutely bang on, this is exactly what the heat in this sauce does – it’s like chilli-spiked wasp has landed on my tongue! The heat really does sting, but has a softer warmth that spreads and builds throughout the mouth, and makes all the flavours sing just that little bit more. The chillis used are a mixture of Trinidad Scorpion, Ghost, Habanero, Fatali, & Aji Lemon – and have given a delicious fruity & slightly tropical flavour. I’ll be honest, I got through this bottle really fast – the sweetness is so well done, and makes for a really enjoyable eating experience. Such a clean & natural tasting sauce , you can taste all the ingredients individually, and the chilli heat is one of the best I’ve had for a while. The Stinger has gone well with anything I tried it with, and it’s good enough to be eaten off the spoon – just watch out for that sting! I really loved this sauce, and I would recommend you get a bottle asap. Rating: 5/5. Screamingly good. from Instagram:

Hot Smoky Sweet Spicy Relish – The Chilli Jam Man

Hot Smoky Sweet Spicy Relish by @thechillijamman. Holy smokes, this is a hot one! A reddish-brown relish that has a slightly thicker consistency than any usual jam. On taste, there is a strong tomato and brown sugar flavour, followed swiftly with a top note of fresh chilli and ginger. The chipotles used bring a rush of deep, rich smokiness that really sits well with the sweetness, and make up the majority of the flavour. After a few seconds, the heat comes thundering through and hits hard – this will be the Bhut Jolokia/Naga chilli. The heat is a good one, searing and warming at the same time – it compliments the sweet smokiness profile of the sauce perfectly. Ginger and chipotle linger on the aftertaste, and the balsamic vinegar keeps everything balanced. I am a big fan of The Chilli Jam Man’s ‘Scotch Bonnet (see earlier post), but this is now my favourite of his range. It’s bold & brash, yet balanced and beautiful. Unbelievably good in a cheese sandwich or on a pizza, but good enough to eat by the spoon. Rating: 5/5. Absolutely incredible. from Instagram:

Hot Pepper Sauce – Grace Foods

Hot Pepper Sauce by @gracefoods. A runny, splash on sauce that has the same consistency as @tabasco, and comes a slim 85ml glass bottle. On taste, an immediate comparison to both Tabasco and Frank’s comes to mind… Fermented pepper mash, lots of vinegar, a very subtle sweetness. The chilli used tastes like Scotch Bonnet, and has a delicious citrus flavour. Certainly very hot, being a splash on sauce it’s easy to go overboard and end up with a burning mouth! Very versatile, great in sandwiches, over meat and vegetables, and perfect for eggs. What a bargain for 0.69p! Definitely one to pick up. Rating 3.5/5. from Instagram:

Hot Punjabi Chilli Sauce – Mr Singhs Sauce. 

Hot Punjabi Chilli Sauce by @mrsinghssauce. A peach red sauce with a fairy runny consistency, and flecks of chilli seeds throughout. A big rich tasting sauce; loads of soy sauce and molasses form a base for the tomato and chilli. Fantastic subtle sweetness going on, sharp acidity from the vinegar and soy, and a stinging heat from the birds eye chillis. Heat is medium hot and stays around the mouth for a while after eating. Overall this sauce is one that needs to be tried, it’s a great blend of ingredients that makes for a unique tasting sauce that goes great most foods, especially rice, eggs, and grilled vegetables. This sauce is close to an Asian Sriricha style sauce, but it has a richer, darker flavour to it, and I find it goes with a wider variety of foods. Delicious. Certainly one to go out and buy if you haven’t already. Rating 4.5/5. Bigups Mr Singh! from Instagram:

Kebab House Chilli Sauce – Crucial Sauce. 

Kebab House Chilli Sauce by @crucial_sauce. A ketchup like consistency sauce that has little chunks of vegetables in, and has a glossy shine to it. A unique tasting sauce; the cumin and fennel come through straight away, followed by by a strong onion and tomato flavour. The tangy acidity is good, balancing out the sweetness of the sauce. The jalapeno based heat is mild, it adds enough to the sauce to keep it spicy, but this is not a hot sauce and personally I’d like a bit more heat. Overall it’s a great tasting sauce, the flavours that come from the herbs and spice means it goes well with all kinds of foods – this was great with some boiled new potatoes and chicken. Credit to Crucials for bringing out a bold tasting sauce that is quite different to their other chilli sauces, and costs only £1! I really liked this sauce, it’s just an easy sauce to eat and I’ve been using as I would ketchup… Perfect sauce to leave out at a barbecue. Rating 3.5/5. Good stuff. from Instagram: