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Cottage Delight Very Hot Cajun Sauce
The sauce is a bright orange colour with flecks of red, a really attractive and natural looking sauce which has come from blending up the Habanero and Scotch Bonnet peppers.
Cottage Delight Mexican Hot & Sweet Jalapeño Sauce
First up is the Cottage Delight Mexican Hot & Sweet Jalapeño Sauce which is a almost translucent, lime colour sauce with flecks of green jalapeño throughout the sauce.
Smack My Ass & Call Me Sally
So, Smack My Ass & Call Me Sally is a novelty Habanero hot sauce which comes from Florida, US. As you can see, some poor lad has had his bare bottom smacked hard, and crying
Mrs Renfro's Habanero Salsa
I'm not a salsa guy, mainly since I try not to buy crisps for consumption at home, but when I do actually get the chance to eat salsa, then forget the opening of this sentence. I was bought this salsa as a present from a local Whole Foods store, and I'm delighted I got to try it.
Sainsbury's Hot Pepper Sauce
I like to keep an eye on what supermarkets are doing with their own brand sauces, and it's great when you come across an attempt that is actually quite good. Well Sainsbury's, this one is a blinder.
Crazy Bastard Sauce – Tomatillo & Habanero
Crazy Bastard Sauce is a small-batch (15 litre) chilli sauce produced in a professional kitchen in Germany, and the website indicates that each batch may vary slightly in terms of colour and heat. The recipe for Crazy Bastard Sauce has taken three years to perfect, and I can really see why.
Edinburgh Preserves Jalapeño Hot Sauce
This Jalapeño Hot Sauce from Edinburgh Preserves was a gift from my cousin Olly, and came as part of a gift box set. The packaging is reserved yet attractive and the screw-top bottle is nothing unusual.
Windward West Indian Hot Pepper Sauce
Windward's Indian Hot Pepper Sauce is a blinder! The sauce has a traditional Caribbean pepper sauce flavour that you may have tried before with sauces such as Baron and Encona, very fruity, quite sharp, but with an undercurrent of mellow thyme.
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