Extra Hot Chilli – Crucial Sauce

Extra Hot Chilli by @crucial_sauce. No messing around, this is a straight-up simple chilli sauce comprised of just water, chilli (8%), artificial acid, artificial colour, preservative, and salt. It’s one-dimensional tasting, has an artificial tang, and I’m sure the chilli heat is coming from dried chilli rather than fresh.. this is basically roadside kebab van sauce. The simplicity of the sauce means it goes well with lots of different foods, and the high acidity means it goes well with particularly fatty items like chips, bacon, donner meat etc. £1 gets you 500ml; this is basically the Budweiser of the chilli sauce world – cheap, bland, and it’ll do the job if you have nothing else. Rating: 2.5/5 from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2oylBEx

Jalapeno, lime, & coriander chilli sauce recipe

I’m all up for spending a couple of hours in the kitchen coming up with a crafted chilli sauce recipe, but sometimes you want to come up with something quick and that will work every time.

Well, here’s a little quick chilli sauce recipe I make now and again which is so easy to do, you don’t even need to bottle it.


  • 1 large jar of pickled green jalapenos  (I buy the big tall jars from Tesco or if I’m in town the poundshop!  The Discovery or Uncle Bens smaller jars are fine but a lot more expensive most of the time pack less heat.
  • 2 limes
  • A handful of fresh coriander, stalks on (cilantro)
  • Salt & Pepper


  1. Add the jalapenos to a blender or food processor with all the liquid from the jar.
  2. Add some of the coriander, juice of one lime, and salt  and pepper.
  3. Bliitz to the consistency you want (chunky or smooth), and taste.  Here it’s up to you whether you add more coriander and lime, I usually add juice on another lime and a lot of coriander.
  4. If you need to loosen the consistency just add a touch of water or white wine vinegar and blitz.

You can bottle or jar this, and it will keep in the fridge well for at least a couple of months – but it’s best eaten fresh.


Some of my favourite chilli sauce recipes

Making your own hot sauce or chilli sauce is extremely rewarding since you are in control of the heat, flavour, consistency, and sometimes colour. Making your own can also be very economical if you are using your own home-grown chillies, or reduced-to-clear chillies from a shop.

Usually I take a few chilli sauce recipes that I like the look of, and tweak them depending on how I want my sauce to turn out. There are thousands of sauce recipes available on the internet so it can be hard to find one that suits what your after, so once you find a good one start to build on that.

Don’t use exclusively dried chillies for a hot sauce, a lot of the fresh flavour from the chilli will have been lost in the drying process, and you will be left with more harsh heat than flavour. That said, you can combine dried chillies with fresh chillies which is useful if you’re looking to add heat from some dried chillies. I currently have a load of dried Naga chillies which are great for adding to other fresh chillies if I want to make a really hot sauce.

If you’re making a table sauce (thick consistency). you may want to consider using ‘Xantham Gum’, which you can buy online or get from some large supermarkets…  It’s a natural binder and will stop your sauces from separating when left to settle, and will also give you a thick, pourable consistency.

Here a few of my favourite Hot Sauce recipes:

Master Hot Sauce – A simple sauce to get you started

Make your own Tabasco

Make your own Franks Red Hot sauce

Slow cooker Bacon Jam

Chilli Jam – Amazing with cheeses and sandwiches

Flavourful mild and hot chilli sauces

Homemade Sriracha

A nice Mexican style sauce

And finally, how Making Your Own Hot Sauce Will Change Your Life


Let me know your favourite recipes in the comments below.

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