SOUR JERK Mango Sauce – Sour Jerk 

That ladies and gentlemen is one beautiful hand painted bottle of sauce. SOUR JERK by @sourjerk. This sauce contains 51% Mango, Scotch Bonnets, Carrots, and Lime among other ingredients, and is really something quite unique. An extremely fresh tasting sauce, it feels like it’s just come out of a juice blender! Lovely thick creamy mango with some lime acidity, and strong garlic comes through at first. Stinging Scotch Bonnets heat follows and helps balance the subtle sweetness of the mango. A tropical island tasting sauce that has an addictive heat and is perfectly balanced between savoury & sweetness. The consistency is smoothie like, runny yet thick, and the sauce is beautiful gold peach colour. It has to be first bottle of chilli sauce I’ve opened with bottle opener! This is outstanding sauce, and congratulations @sourjerk for producing something so well crafted, and goddamn tasty! Rating: the highest 5/5 I’ve given yet. Hugely recommended. from Instagram:

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