Frank’s RedHot Xtra Hot Sauce

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I've been putting it on everything I eat!

Key ingredients:

Cayenne Red peppers, Garlic powder, Vinegar.

Country of origin:
Produced by:
Frank's RedHot

Hot Sauce Review Rating:

Would NOT recommend, I didn't like this.
Indifferent, not bad but not brilliant.

Recommended, I liked this!

Amazing, go try this now! I loved this.


dave_fireeaterSeptember 2, 2012Reply

I love Franks but it’s expensive

lenomousSeptember 16, 2012Reply

wish i could get this where i am… i love franks but which it had more heat. is it alot hotter?

Hot Sauce ReviewSeptember 16, 2012Reply

It certainly is hotter, enough to make your lips burn if eaten straight but nothing more. I’ve used it on Wings a few times now and makes a hot wing for sure, but I’d still love a version that is hotter again.

I bought this in Sainsburys (UK) in August if that helps, mind you it’s now disappeared again :(

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[…] friend got me this sauce from Texas, saying that it’s very popular over there.  I know that Frank’s hot sauce is the most popular sauce for making Buffalo wings, but I wondered what the next big ‘go-to […]

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