Hot Diggidy Dog Hot Limed Pepper Sauce

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Hot Diggidy Dog Hot Limed Original Pepper Sauce (press photo supplied by producer)

You can taste the two main ingredients separately throughout eating this sauce.

This is a limed variety of the Hot Diggidy Dog Hot Original Pepper Sauce I’ve reviewed last week, it comes in the same glass 57ml shake-on bottle, and has very similar ingredients.


This sauce has a really nice fresh flavour and you can taste the two main ingredients (chilli, lime) separately throughout eating.  It’s not too sharp which some vinegar based sauces can be, and gives an overall really intriguing depth of flavour.  I wonder if these chillies are fermented since the flavour is really quite deep and lasting.


Wow, this one really takes you by surprise!  At first you are tasting the chilli and lime as ingredients themselves, then the vinegar, and BAM! the heat really latches on to your tongue with a sharp and long burn.    The more you eat, the more the fieriness builds and doesn’t leave your mouth for 3-4 minutes.


This sauces suits foods like burgers, hot dogs, slow cooked beef or pork, foods where you need the lime to cut through fatty meat and strong flavours.  I can really vouch for it going well on Chilli Con Carne, the lime gives a great freshness to the dark chilli flavour.

I really want to make chicken wings with this sauce in the style of ‘Buffalo Wings’, I think it would really work well.   And this would be the perfect chilli sauce for Mexican food such as tacos and fajitas, I must try that this weekend.


I’ve really enjoyed this sauce, I find that a lot of citrus flavoured sauces can taste artificial and sickly, but the natural lime in this one just gives the sauce a real freshness that is hard to get in vinegar based sauces.

I would happily recommend this sauce it’s very versatile and I think you could shake it on to almost any food and be happy with the outcome.  A refreshing change to other chill sauces out there, Hot Diggidy Dog Hot Limed Pepper Sauce is a cracking, zingy sauce which I urged you to try.

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Key ingredients:

White Wine Vinegar, Chillies, Lime Juice

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Hot Diggidy Dog

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Indifferent, I could take it or leave it

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Amazing, go try this now!


KaznankiFebruary 4, 2014Reply

Sounds good, the last lime sauce had was nice but too sickly so I think I’ll give this a go.

Have you tried any sauces by Baron? They are great worth reviewing.

Hot Sauce ReviewFebruary 4, 2014Reply

Thanks Kaznanki, it’s a nice natural tasting sauce with no sickly sweetness.

I’ve had Baron Hot Pepper Sauce in the past, I remember it being like Encona original but a lot hotter. I’m sure they’re will be reviews of Baron sauces soon, it’s quite hard to get hold of them though!

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