Hot Diggidy Dog Hot Original Pepper Sauce

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Hot Diggidy Dog Hot Original Pepper Sauce (press photo supplied by producer)

When I added it to some pasta it kicked my ass for a bit.

Straight to point, no messing around, BOOM the big dog is here!  Never before have I seen such lethal yet cute packaging in all the time I’ve been buying chilli sauces, Hot Diggidy Dog’s branding really stands out.


Hot Diggidy Dog Hot Original Pepper Sauce is sharp and immediate.  You initially get a cayenne like taste, followed by a darker, deeper chilli variety taste, and the sauce finishes with quite a citrus, sour flavour.  This shake-on sauce has bags of chilli depth, almost like they’ve chopped up lots of varieties of chillies and put them in all one sauce.  Delicious.

It seems that Hot Diggidy Dog Hot Original Pepper Sauce won a ‘Great Taste Gold 2011′ award, please see the gallery picture below.  This is quite an accolade and I’d say they deserve it.


The heat is harsh, but pleasurable.  Some chilli extract sauces have a nasty harshness to them, on the other hand, all-natural Hot Diggidy Dog Hot Original Pepper Sauce has a NICE harshness to it, and by that I mean when the heat hits your tongue, it takes over everything for a few seconds.  The sauce really took me by surprise when I had first, and then later when I added it to some pasta it really kicked my ass for a bit.  However, although the heat lingers, it doesn’t overstay its welcome and it’s quite pleasurable.


The best things I’ve had Hot Diggidy Dog Hot Original Pepper Sauce on is sausage sandwiches, soups, pastas, chilli con carne, and popcorn.  It has a shake-consistency meaning it you can happily control how much goes on to your food, and it distributes well throughout.


Well, I now refer to this as my little pocket rocket since it happily fits in a little side-pocket in my work bag, ready for any situation.  The small glass bottle a wonderful size and won’t take up much room in your cupboard.  A really tasty sauce that will tame your ass when you’re not expecting it, but add loads of tasty flavour to foods.

Container size:
Key ingredients:

White wine vinegar, Chillies, Mustard Power

Country of origin:
Produced by:
Hot Diggidy Dog

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Indifferent, I could take it or leave it

Recommended, I would buy again

Amazing, go try this now!


HassanJanuary 31, 2014Reply

Sounds great – I love sauces like this, ones that you can put on anything for instant heat . Where did you buy it from?

Hot Sauce ReviewJanuary 31, 2014Reply

Thanks Hassan. Yeah it’s certainly an instant heat, trust me!

I got mine direct from the producer, you can buy at

Let me know how you get on with it.

melJuly 30, 2014Reply

You can also buy it now in some tescos & asda

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