Pulled Pork made with Byron’s Butt Rub

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It's soft, it's chewy, and most importantly, it's meaty.

Pulled Pork is one of those foods that I only first found out about after watching countless episodes of Man Vs Food, and then discovered that it’s quite hard to come across in the UK since it being primarily a US dish.  Pulled Pork has started to catch on in the UK and is becoming quite the trend, especially with burger restaurants adding it as a topping to gourmet burgers.


jobsagoodunSeptember 27, 2012Reply

That first image is insaaaaane. I’m drooling!

masterbeat0_0September 27, 2012Reply

Gotta make me some of this, or even better, could you make some for me ;)

This looks like it would be nice in a big long baguette with loads of jalapinos!

Hot Sauce ReviewSeptember 27, 2012Reply

My god, that IS a good idea! Maybe some melted cheese in there also?!

henryOctober 14, 2012Reply

Man this looks the nuts! Doing this!

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