Bad Byron’s Butt Rub Barbeque Seasoning

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These days I tend to season most foods with this rub rather than salt and pepper

Bad Byron’s Butt Rub Barbeque Seasoning (BBBRBS) is a typical US style barbecue rub that is more versatile than a pig itself.   The rub is designed to be used on meats, but is also recommended to be used on salads, eggs, fish, and vegetables.

Container size:
Key ingredients:

Chipotle Powder, Paprika, Salt

Country of origin:

Hot Sauce Review Rating:

Would NOT recommend, I didn't like this.
Indifferent, not bad but not brilliant.
Recommended, I liked this!

Amazing, go try this now! I loved this.


lloydSeptember 27, 2012Reply

Haha love it! The packaging is class.

KingHEATSeptember 27, 2012Reply

Need to get me some of this, I always make my own bbq rubs but they are different each time and never as good as you get in commercial bbq places.

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