Walkers Max Strong – Jalapeño & Cheese

Part of the new range from Walkers Crisps, these have a nacho cheese taste them, and are ranked the hottest out of the three varieties.

The heat is sharp and punchy, and complements the creamy nacho cheese well. You can get a hint of Jalapeño flavour, but it’s mostly masked by the strong cheese. Overall I’m getting a great representation of cinema nachos drowned in yellow cheese goo, topped with extra spicy pickled Jalapeño peppers.
After eating a few of these I could feel the heat, and they left a burn in my mouth for a good while after eating. My favourite variety out of the three, these crisps are a delight to eat and respect to Walkers for bringing the heat.


Walkers Max Strong – Chilli and Lime

Walkers Crisps have brought out a range of spicy Max crisps, and this Chilli & Lime variety is ranked lowest in their heat scale.

Perhaps the variety with strongest taste of chilli itself, each crisp is well coated in a rich dried chilli flavouring. The lime is present, but subtle and not acidic. The heat is spiky, but tame – these don’t leave a burn in your mouth.

Overall a nice tasting crisp, I can see these being quite addictive alongside a drink of something, but they’re nothing remarkable.


Crazy Hot Popchips

Popchips Ridges Crazy Hot by @popchipsuk. ‘Popped not fried’ crisps that are lower in fat and calories than traditionally fried crisps/chips. Very heavily seasoned, neon orange crisps that have a wavy ridge to them that gives them high surface area. A creamy cheesy flavour comes through first, followed by sharp, tangy tomato. The mild heat comes through after a few seconds, and the heat in your mouth increases with the more you eat. I would say these are around the same sort as heat as Doritos Chilli Heatwave, perhaps a little hotter. Overall I really enjoyed these, the flavouring was great and I’m a fan of the ‘popped’ crisp. I’m not sure you can call these ‘Crazy Hot’, but it’s difficult to judge how hot some people will find these. One downside is they are a little overly salty, and can get a bit sickly after eating a few. Rating: 3.5/5. Good.

Trinidad Scorpion Chilli Peanuts – Hot-Headz

Trinidad Scorpion Chilli Peanuts by Hot-Headz. Labeled as “The hottest peanuts in the world”, these nuts seriously pack some punch. The heat comes after a few seconds, and BOOM hits like a tank. Serious intense heat on the tongue that stays isolated at first, and then shortly after spreads around the mouth and throat. The heat is raw tasting due to it being powder, and the nuts don’t offer a lot of overall flavour beyond the chilli. Not something I’d go back as a snack unless I felt a little sadistic. 5/10. from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2m2Vz6B

The Garlic Farm Beef Biltong with Garlic & Chilli

If you’ve never tried biltong or jerky then I suggest you amend that right away, it’s usually a very healthy food to eat – full of protein and carb free (it is just sliced meat after all).  Some biltongs and jerkies are full of sugar however, and not surprisingly these are always far too sweet tasting and higher in calories.  The Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight produce and sell a wide range of garlic based products, (I recently reviewed the The Garlic Farm Red Thai Curry paste) and I was eager to see if their product could stand-up against biltong from specialist biltong manufactures.

The Garlic Farm Beef Biltong with Garlic & Chilli has quite a soft texture, and is easy to pull apart with your fingers thanks to a course meat grain.  I found that when chewing the biltong it was surprisingly juicy and wasn’t dry like some other biltongs I’ve had in the past.  There is a good variety of thick and thin biltong slices in the pack which means you get to try some slightly drier thin slices, and juicer thick slices.  This is perfectly made biltong in my opinion.

The garlic really comes through well from the biltong, it’s a fresh garlic taste rather than a dried powder taste which works really well with the sweet flavour of the beef.   The garlic taste lingers in your mouth between bites, and for quite a long time after eating the whole pack – great for keeping vampires back, but bad for speed-dating.

The chilli shines after eating a few pieces of biltong, again a pleasant fresh chilli taste rather than dried, however it’s not a particularly hot product so this biltong won’t blow your head off.    This is well seasoned biltong, the salt and black pepper are just right, and there is a great balance between sweet and savoury.

Overall The Garlic Farm Beef Biltong with Garlic & Chilli is a very satisfying snack in terms of flavour and eating experience; the texture is wonderful, the beef flavour is present, and the seasonings are well balanced and very tasty.    A great snack especially because it’s only 85.5 calories a pack!

Rating: 4/5

Mrs Renfro’s Habanero Salsa

I’m not a salsa guy, mainly since I try not to buy crisps for consumption at home, but when I do actually get the chance to eat salsa, then forget the opening of this sentence.  I was bought this salsa as a present from a local Whole Foods store, and I’m delighted I got to try it.

Mrs Renfro’s Habanero Salsa is clearly quite an artisan product; the packaging is classy, ingredients natural, and comes with a nice back-story.  It feels homemade, far away from glass jars that Doritos have been pushing on us for years.

The first thing that hit me when I tried the sauce was how fresh and zingy it tasted, considering the jar must have been at least a few months old and shipped from the US I thought that was quite impressive.  A strong tomato base is complimented by fruity high note which is continued with a hit of sweet and sharp vinegar.  The heat from the Habanero kicks in and stays with you…for quite a while!  Mrs Renfro’s Habanero Salsa has a long lingering heat which works really well since it can only be stifled by eating more crisps – quite clever really.

Really worth getting some and sharing with others, tastes amazing and the heat is fierce but pleasing thanks to the fresh chilli peppers.

Rating: 4.5/5

Snyder’s of Hanover Hot Buffalo Wing Pretzel Pieces

Artificially flavoured broken pretzel pieces, in a foil bag, seasoned with a slightly greasy coating.  You could say that Hanover’s premium snack sounds a little nasty, and proud could be right, but goddamn do they taste good.

The Hot Buffalo Wing flavour have an almost glowing orange tint to each pretzel piece, and seem to be coated quite heavily.  You can smell them as soon as you open the bag; tangy, sour, and garlic smelling.

They taste good, very tangy, with a raw heat not far away from your Tabasco or Frank’s Red Hot flavour profile.  The more you eat, the more the tangy heat impact lessens which is a shame, perhaps these need to be seasoned heavier…

Rating: 3/5