Sauce Shop – Buffalo Hot Sauce

A thick, golden sauce made with Scotch Bonnets and real butter, this sauce is designed to be smothered over chicken wings for a no-fuss buffalo wing experience.

A super attractive looking sauce with a wonderful colour and great consistency.  The sauce is thick but not gloopy, and has a homemade vibe to it – you can pick out tiny specks of what is either chilli, onion, or garlic.

I was surprised at how strong the dairy aroma is; you can pick out the butter well, and the citrus from the Scotch Bonnets cut through.

On taste, it’s a clear blend of butter, vinegar, and chilli peppers.  The Scotch Bonnets are identifiable and spiky, and there is a nice acidity helping bring out their flavour. A very subtle sweetness is present, probably from the onions & garlic and rounds off the vinegar.  A problem though, I just can’t get past the buttery taste – it tastes strange and is far too strong for me.   Even though Sauce Shop use nothing but real butter, it just tastes a little artificial and out of place.  I’ve reviewed a similar sauce before that had the same kind of daily taste to it… This is better but I’m not a fan, sorry.

Personally I would prefer if Sauce Shop toned down the butter, or left it out entirely, and left it up to us to mix the sauce with butter if we so desired.

The heat is a great asset of this sauce, it’s a fast acting chilli punch which doesn’t hang around too long, perfect for when you’re smashing through a pile of heavily doused chicken wings.

I can tell that this is well put together sauce, made with quality natural ingredients, but I’m not a fan of the butter element to this.  I’ve tried it on chicken wings and it was okay, but pass me the Frank’s Red Hot anytime over this.



Walkers Max Strong – Chilli and Lime

Walkers Crisps have brought out a range of spicy Max crisps, and this Chilli & Lime variety is ranked lowest in their heat scale.

Perhaps the variety with strongest taste of chilli itself, each crisp is well coated in a rich dried chilli flavouring. The lime is present, but subtle and not acidic. The heat is spiky, but tame – these don’t leave a burn in your mouth.

Overall a nice tasting crisp, I can see these being quite addictive alongside a drink of something, but they’re nothing remarkable.


Walkers Max Strong – Hot Chicken Wings flavour potato crisps

New range of from Walkers that are available in three fiery flavours, and have apparently been designed to go well with beer.

These have that familiar Walkers ‘chicken crisps flavour’ and very strong it is to.  Immediately there is a slight heat from what I guess is cayenne pepper or regular chilli powder, but little flavour comes from the chilli.  The heat is a tingling one, nothing that many will struggle with.

After eating a few, the crisps to start to taste a bit like hot chicken wings, so bravo to Walkers for that.    However, I found these crisps just far too salty, and the chicken flavour just became a little sickly.  I’m sure fans of chicken crisps may feel different, but I couldn’t finish the bag.

Rating: 2/5.

Walkers Max Strong – Hot Chicken Wings flavour potato crisps bag

Habanero Hot Sauce – Memento Mori

Looking like a medieval potion or elixir, Memento Mori Habanero Hot Sauce comes in a small glass bottle, capped with a cork and sealed with wax.   The skull adorned label looks hand drawn, and it’s simplicity adds a mysterious air to this sauce.  Let’s get it out the way; this sauce looks the absolute business.

On opening, an aroma so strong and fiery leaps out of the bottle and almost sends me staggering.  A potent punch of fresh chilli, spices, and vinegar.    The sauce has quite a thin consistency, with lumps of chilli flesh dotted throughout.

Straight away, the fresh Habenero flavour dominates and surges through the taste buds – smoky, earthy, citrusy tones all present.  Some kind of spice is in this one, perhaps smoked paprika – I can’t check since the ingredients are not listed.  Garlic, and a little bit sweetness are present, and the acidity from the vinegar is bang on.  In fact, the acidity of this sauce is perhaps one of its strongest points – it balances out the rich flavour of the Habanero & garlic, and prevents the heat from dominating.

The heat is fierce at first, gets the salvia running.  After a minute or so, the heat transforms into stinging warmth around the tongue and mouth.  It’s clear when fresh chillies are used in a sauce since the heat given off is so natural and unforced – it’s an intense heat, but a pleasurable one.

Thanks to the great acidity of this Habanero Hot Sauce, it compliments many foods well, and I really enjoyed having it splashed on a chicken salad, and dotted over avocado on toast.

I’d guess that Memento Mori has poured their heart and soul into this sauce, and to me it shows.  An exceptional tasting sauce, this is one I can only recommend to the highest degree.  Memento Mori really has made a modern-day chilli elixir.

Rating: 5/5


Habanero Hot Sauce – Memento Mori

Habanero Hot Sauce – Memento Mori

Habanero Hot Sauce – Memento Mori

Hot Sriracha Sauce – Windward

It’s quite easy to come by Sriracha sauces these days… Supermarkets, discount stores, corner shops, even pubs.  However, some are certainly better than others…

Hot Sriracha Sauce by Windward comes in a dinky, squeezy bottle and has a twist cap much like the loved ‘Huy Fong’ brand of Sriracha.   The ingredients list is pretty long considering this should be quite a simple sauce, but thankfully nothing artificial.

The sauce has a shiny, gluey consistency to it, and looks a little like fake blood when poured.      All I can smell at this stage is chilli powder, and I can’t pick out any fresh ingredients.

Windward’s Sriracha tastes highly acidic and quite sharp.  Like in the aroma there is a strong taste of stale chilli powder, but is livened up by a strong fresh hint of garlic once the acidity passes.

The heat is medium, I’ve had hotter varieties of Sriracha in the past, and the heat gets swept away when added to food.  Not great.

Hot Sriracha Sauce by Windward cost me £0.59p for 300g.  It’s cheap, and it tastes cheap.   I’m one for finding a bargain sauce, but life is too short to eat this uninspiring gloop over superior brands of Sriracha.

Rating: 2/5

Hot Habanero Chilli Pepper Sauce – Tesco

Hot Habanero Chilli Pepper Sauce by @tescofood. One of Tesco’s bargain 0.70p sauces, the Habanero variety is certainly the hottest of the range that I’ve tried. The sauce is super acidic and slightly sour, and the chilli heat instantly burns your mouth upon impact. Little bit of mango & citrus fruitiness comes through at first, followed by just a hint of mustard. The sauce tastes quite creamy overall, I’m not sure why it works well nonetheless. This goes well with fatty foods, but I found it too acidic to go with more delicate foods like eggs or chips. A really good effort, however I’m not so keen on the high acidity but for 70p it’s certainly worth a purchase! Rating: 3/5. from Instagram:

The Squealer – Tubby Tom’s

The Squealer by @tubbytoms. A scotch bonnet hot sauce comprising entirely of natural ingredients including red wine vinegar, tomato, garlic, and smoked paprika. At first the sauce is tangy, fruity and perfectly acidic. It then evolves into a rich smokey, garlicky, tomato tasting sauce that is just so goddamn tasty…I mean, I have been eating this straight from the bottle it’s that good. The heat is medium hot – a lovely natural heat from the bonnets that doesn’t provide unnecessary burn like a lot of harsher sauces. The Squealer could actually be a good sauce for a chilli newbie since the huge, delicious taste outweighs the overall heat. Put this addictive flavour nectar into a bottle with some great artwork and you’ve got yourself a winner. This is my third bottle of The Squealer and I usually get through it in days, it’s beautifully balanced and devine tasting. Well done Tubby Tom’s, big things ahead for this chap I sense. Rating: 5/5. Squealing good. from Instagram:

Jamaican Jerk BBQ Sauce – Encona

A dark and peppery barbecue sauce with a Jerk twist, this sauce is packed with Jamaican flavour and fairly mild heat. Strong tomato ketchup flavour at first, but then the smokey Jerk taste comes through well and provides a nice balance to the sweetness. Nice lip stinging heat from the Habanero, but nothing serious and this heat is dulled when added to food. The strong black pepper and allspice really stays with you and provides good depth to what could have been an average bbq sauce. Goes great on a hot sizzling sausage, and fantastic on chicken and rice. Reggae Reggae sauce is still the King of Jerk BBQ sauces in my opinion, but this effort by Encona fairs well and only cost me £1! Rating: 4⃣/5⃣

Kutbilik XXXtra Hot Sauce – El YYucateco

Kutbilik XXXtra Hot Sauce by @elyucateco_hotsauce. An orange habanero sauce that has a strong onion and earthy cumin & coriander flavour to it. Loads of orange and lemon citrus flavour coming from the chillies. The heat seems mild at first, but soon builds up and has got me into trouble a few times when applied liberally. A very well balanced sauce, very savoury and little sweetness. The acidity is a little artificial, kinda gives you a similar mouthfeel to what sour sweets do – this will come from the inclusion of acetic acid – why not just use vinegar? A really great tasting sauce, goes well with chicken, fish, eggs, etc, I just wish it didn’t have that harsh acidity. Rating: 3.5/5. from Instagram:

Fatalli – Brighton Hot Stuff

Fatalli by @brightonhotstuff. A fantastic fresh smelling sauce; lots of Scotch Bonnet citrus aroma coming from the bottle. A runny, vinegar style sauce that has a beautiful glowing red/orange colour to it. Nice tangy acidity, lots of lemon and citrus peel coming through, rounded off by honey like sweetness. The heat is punchy yet mellow, and catches up with you after the sweetness passes. A wonderfully balanced sauce, this is one I found I was adding to almost everything I ate, including Hobnob biscuits! (try it). Really one of the best tasting sauces I’ve had in a long time. 8.5/10. from Instagram: