Crazy Hot Popchips

Popchips Ridges Crazy Hot by @popchipsuk. ‘Popped not fried’ crisps that are lower in fat and calories than traditionally fried crisps/chips. Very heavily seasoned, neon orange crisps that have a wavy ridge to them that gives them high surface area. A creamy cheesy flavour comes through first, followed by sharp, tangy tomato. The mild heat comes through after a few seconds, and the heat in your mouth increases with the more you eat. I would say these are around the same sort as heat as Doritos Chilli Heatwave, perhaps a little hotter. Overall I really enjoyed these, the flavouring was great and I’m a fan of the ‘popped’ crisp. I’m not sure you can call these ‘Crazy Hot’, but it’s difficult to judge how hot some people will find these. One downside is they are a little overly salty, and can get a bit sickly after eating a few. Rating: 3.5/5. Good.

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