Christ on a Bike – The Ribman

Christ on a Bike by @theribman. A Scotch Bonnet and Naga chilli sauce that has a thick and bitty consistency, and a deep, herb-flecked orange colour. Certainly a unique tasting sauce, heavy with tomato and dried herbs, tastes a lot like a slow cooked ragu or bolognese sauce. The zingy flavour of the scotch bonnets complement the rich flavour of the tomato, garlic, and herbs. It’s difficult to explain, but this sauce tastes more like a hot-cooked sauce than one that you’d find cold in a bottle – it’s got a certain ‘home-made’ feel to it. The overall flavour is absolutely delicious and it’s certainly the sauce’s strong point. The stingy heat burns slow in the mouth – too much of this at once really hurts. The heat marries so well with the rich flavour of the sauce, and makes for a sauce that is super addictive and tasty. Christ on a Bike goes very well with fatty red meats, cheese, and other stronger flavoured foods… this is not a delicate tasting sauce! If you’ve had the infamous ‘Holy Fuck’ sauce, this hotter but almost identical in taste. Certainly one of my favourite sauces from the UK – a must-try! Rating: 5/5 from Instagram:

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