Cool Jalapeño Salsa – South Devon Chilli Farm.

Cool Jalapeño Salsa by South Devon Chilli Farm. A ‘Seed to Sauce’ product meaning all ingredients have been grown from scratch by the farm, brilliant! A delightfully sweet tomato and onion flavour takes stage here, with a very mild Jalapeño heat coming through. The salsa tastes incredibly fresh, and has a smoother texture than a lot of salsas and I think I prefer this. Slightly more sweet than savoury here which works well with salty foods. Obviously this goes great with crisps and chips, and goes really well in grilled meats and vegetables. A really delicious salsa, I just wish it had a little more Jalapeño flavour to it, but this is one of the better salsas available in the UK in my opinion. Rating: 4/5. @SDCF_CO_UK from Instagram:

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