Hot Habanero Chilli Pepper Sauce – Tesco

Hot Habanero Chilli Pepper Sauce by @tescofood. One of Tesco’s bargain 0.70p sauces, the Habanero variety is certainly the hottest of the range that I’ve tried. The sauce is super acidic and slightly sour, and the chilli heat instantly burns your mouth upon impact. Little bit of mango & citrus fruitiness comes through at first, followed by just a hint of mustard. The sauce tastes quite creamy overall, I’m not sure why it works well nonetheless. This goes well with fatty foods, but I found it too acidic to go with more delicate foods like eggs or chips. A really good effort, however I’m not so keen on the high acidity but for 70p it’s certainly worth a purchase! Rating: 3/5. from Instagram:

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