Hot Punjabi Chilli Sauce – Mr Singhs Sauce. 

Hot Punjabi Chilli Sauce by @mrsinghssauce. A peach red sauce with a fairy runny consistency, and flecks of chilli seeds throughout. A big rich tasting sauce; loads of soy sauce and molasses form a base for the tomato and chilli. Fantastic subtle sweetness going on, sharp acidity from the vinegar and soy, and a stinging heat from the birds eye chillis. Heat is medium hot and stays around the mouth for a while after eating. Overall this sauce is one that needs to be tried, it’s a great blend of ingredients that makes for a unique tasting sauce that goes great most foods, especially rice, eggs, and grilled vegetables. This sauce is close to an Asian Sriricha style sauce, but it has a richer, darker flavour to it, and I find it goes with a wider variety of foods. Delicious. Certainly one to go out and buy if you haven’t already. Rating 4.5/5. Bigups Mr Singh! from Instagram:

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