Hot Smoky Sweet Spicy Relish – The Chilli Jam Man

Hot Smoky Sweet Spicy Relish by @thechillijamman. Holy smokes, this is a hot one! A reddish-brown relish that has a slightly thicker consistency than any usual jam. On taste, there is a strong tomato and brown sugar flavour, followed swiftly with a top note of fresh chilli and ginger. The chipotles used bring a rush of deep, rich smokiness that really sits well with the sweetness, and make up the majority of the flavour. After a few seconds, the heat comes thundering through and hits hard – this will be the Bhut Jolokia/Naga chilli. The heat is a good one, searing and warming at the same time – it compliments the sweet smokiness profile of the sauce perfectly. Ginger and chipotle linger on the aftertaste, and the balsamic vinegar keeps everything balanced. I am a big fan of The Chilli Jam Man’s ‘Scotch Bonnet (see earlier post), but this is now my favourite of his range. It’s bold & brash, yet balanced and beautiful. Unbelievably good in a cheese sandwich or on a pizza, but good enough to eat by the spoon. Rating: 5/5. Absolutely incredible. from Instagram:

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