The Stinger – Screaming Chimp

The Stinger by Screaming Chimp @screamingchimp1 An all natural chilli sauce, ruby red in colour, and has a loose but slightly chunky consistency. First thing that hits you is the aroma, this sauce smells fantastic – lots of sweet tomato and garlic. On taste, a lovely well balanced sweetness, followed by rich tomato, onion, and garlic flavour. The chilli flavour is beautiful, very fresh tasting and is complimented well by the addition of orange and lemon juice. The name ‘The Stinger’ is absolutely bang on, this is exactly what the heat in this sauce does – it’s like chilli-spiked wasp has landed on my tongue! The heat really does sting, but has a softer warmth that spreads and builds throughout the mouth, and makes all the flavours sing just that little bit more. The chillis used are a mixture of Trinidad Scorpion, Ghost, Habanero, Fatali, & Aji Lemon – and have given a delicious fruity & slightly tropical flavour. I’ll be honest, I got through this bottle really fast – the sweetness is so well done, and makes for a really enjoyable eating experience. Such a clean & natural tasting sauce , you can taste all the ingredients individually, and the chilli heat is one of the best I’ve had for a while. The Stinger has gone well with anything I tried it with, and it’s good enough to be eaten off the spoon – just watch out for that sting! I really loved this sauce, and I would recommend you get a bottle asap. Rating: 5/5. Screamingly good. from Instagram:

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