Morrisons Volcanic Vindaloo

Morrisons Volcanic Vindaloo – An extra hot chicken curry made with Naga chillies. I’ve been trying to get my hands one of these for a while now, and finally spotted them and purchased two today. I had the curry for lunch, with no rice or bread, just a salad.
🌶 So, how hot is it? Easily the hottest curry, or prepared meal from a supermarket for sure. After eating half, it made my eyes water, tongue swell, and nose run. The heat doesn’t really hit for a couple minutes, and continues to burn for 5 minutes or so after finishing. I can now feel it my stomach, churning up everything up a bit. It is hot, but only as much as a good Indian restaurant’s/takeaway’s Vindaloo. A very satisfying heat.
😋 The curry itself is nice, Morrisons have done a great job with the sauce and the extra green finger chillies add a nice texture, but don’t add to the heat when eaten. The chicken is a little processed tasting, but this curry was just £2-ish when you take into consideration the meal deal that it is part of.
👺 Heat wise – it’s a 3/5. Biting into a raw Scotch Bonnet or Habanero would cause more pain, and there are lots of hot sauces that that burner harder and longer. However I’m sure some would find this curry inedible.
⭐ Overall rating: 4/5. Great job @morrisons, I would love to see more hot products like this…

One thought on “Morrisons Volcanic Vindaloo

  1. Had one of these today – I have to say that the heat was a little underwhelming for me – I expected a hotter blast, however, in hindsight, the level of heat, combined with the flavour of the curry was pretty first class. Yes the chicken was a little processed, but overall the chilli lovers experience was good. Had the chicken been real chunks of breast, I think I would have scored this 5 stars. Nevertheless, well done Morrisons – you have created, so far, the best supermarket hot curry. 👍🏻

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