Hot Sriracha Sauce – Windward

It’s quite easy to come by Sriracha sauces these days… Supermarkets, discount stores, corner shops, even pubs.  However, some are certainly better than others…

Hot Sriracha Sauce by Windward comes in a dinky, squeezy bottle and has a twist cap much like the loved ‘Huy Fong’ brand of Sriracha.   The ingredients list is pretty long considering this should be quite a simple sauce, but thankfully nothing artificial.

The sauce has a shiny, gluey consistency to it, and looks a little like fake blood when poured.      All I can smell at this stage is chilli powder, and I can’t pick out any fresh ingredients.

Windward’s Sriracha tastes highly acidic and quite sharp.  Like in the aroma there is a strong taste of stale chilli powder, but is livened up by a strong fresh hint of garlic once the acidity passes.

The heat is medium, I’ve had hotter varieties of Sriracha in the past, and the heat gets swept away when added to food.  Not great.

Hot Sriracha Sauce by Windward cost me £0.59p for 300g.  It’s cheap, and it tastes cheap.   I’m one for finding a bargain sauce, but life is too short to eat this uninspiring gloop over superior brands of Sriracha.

Rating: 2/5

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