RedHot Xtra Hot – Franks

RedHot Xtra Hot by @franksredhot. An aged-cayenne and vinegar sauce that is famous for being the world’s most popular Buffalo Wing hot sauce. Sweet red pepper and mildly acidic flavour dominates, there is a hint of butteryness even though the sauce contains no fat. An itchy, peppery heat hits the throat, and a warm glow stays for a while in the mouth. This sauce is super versatile and goes so well on eggs, chicken, rice, pasta, sandwiches etc thanks to its simple flavour & heat. My ‘go to’ cheap and cheerful sauce, if you’ve not had this then get to your supermarket and give it a go! 7.5/10. #hotsaucereview #chillisaucereview #hotsauceuk #hotsauce #chillisauce #franksredhot #franks #iputthatshitoneverything #hotsauceoneverything from Instagram:

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