Waha Wera – Kaitaia Fire

Waha Wera Kiwifruit & Habanero sauce by @kaitaiafire, all the way from New Zealand. A lovely sauce containing organic chillies and Manuka honey, and a load of kiwi! The strong honey flavour balances the tart of the kiwi, which does come through well. A huge fresh hit of Habanero heat follows the sweetness, and makes for a super tasty sauce. This is nice enough to eat by itself, but I struggled a little to match this with foods since it’s pretty sweet compared to other sauces. It makes for a great dip when stirred into a little natural yoghurt. Delicious. 7/10. #hotsaucereview #chillisaucereview #hotsauceuk #hotsauce #chillisauce #kiwi #newzealand #newzealandchillisauce #kaitaia from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2m25i0I

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