Sauce Shop – Buffalo Hot Sauce

A thick, golden sauce made with Scotch Bonnets and real butter, this sauce is designed to be smothered over chicken wings for a no-fuss buffalo wing experience.

A super attractive looking sauce with a wonderful colour and great consistency.  The sauce is thick but not gloopy, and has a homemade vibe to it – you can pick out tiny specks of what is either chilli, onion, or garlic.

I was surprised at how strong the dairy aroma is; you can pick out the butter well, and the citrus from the Scotch Bonnets cut through.

On taste, it’s a clear blend of butter, vinegar, and chilli peppers.  The Scotch Bonnets are identifiable and spiky, and there is a nice acidity helping bring out their flavour. A very subtle sweetness is present, probably from the onions & garlic and rounds off the vinegar.  A problem though, I just can’t get past the buttery taste – it tastes strange and is far too strong for me.   Even though Sauce Shop use nothing but real butter, it just tastes a little artificial and out of place.  I’ve reviewed a similar sauce before that had the same kind of daily taste to it… This is better but I’m not a fan, sorry.

Personally I would prefer if Sauce Shop toned down the butter, or left it out entirely, and left it up to us to mix the sauce with butter if we so desired.

The heat is a great asset of this sauce, it’s a fast acting chilli punch which doesn’t hang around too long, perfect for when you’re smashing through a pile of heavily doused chicken wings.

I can tell that this is well put together sauce, made with quality natural ingredients, but I’m not a fan of the butter element to this.  I’ve tried it on chicken wings and it was okay, but pass me the Frank’s Red Hot anytime over this.



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