Scotch Bonnet Sweet Spicy Relish – The Chilli Jam Man 

Scotch Bonnet Sweet Spicy Relish by @thechillijamman. I’ve never been a fan of relish in the past, usually they are too sweet for my taste, but The Chilli Jam Man has won me over with this belter. The relish actually has a smooth jam like consistency, and a wonderful cherry red colour. Deliciously sweet, but balanced well with the savoury tomato and red win vinegar. The heat is medium and warms the mouth for a while, really nicely done. The fresh chilli comes through well, and combines with garlic to give a lovely fruity, almost black cherry flavour. This relish goes so so so well in cheese sandwiches, I don’t think I could eat one without it from now on! Also goes great on grilled meats and vegetables. Thank you Chilli Jam Man for restoring my faith in relish, this beautifully sweet, fruity, chilli pot of joy is now always at the front of my cupboard… and my mind! Supurb. Rating: 5/5. from Instagram:

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