The Squealer – Tubby Tom’s

The Squealer by @tubbytoms. A scotch bonnet hot sauce comprising entirely of natural ingredients including red wine vinegar, tomato, garlic, and smoked paprika. At first the sauce is tangy, fruity and perfectly acidic. It then evolves into a rich smokey, garlicky, tomato tasting sauce that is just so goddamn tasty…I mean, I have been eating this straight from the bottle it’s that good. The heat is medium hot – a lovely natural heat from the bonnets that doesn’t provide unnecessary burn like a lot of harsher sauces. The Squealer could actually be a good sauce for a chilli newbie since the huge, delicious taste outweighs the overall heat. Put this addictive flavour nectar into a bottle with some great artwork and you’ve got yourself a winner. This is my third bottle of The Squealer and I usually get through it in days, it’s beautifully balanced and devine tasting. Well done Tubby Tom’s, big things ahead for this chap I sense. Rating: 5/5. Squealing good. from Instagram:

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