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Cholula Hot Sauce Chilli Garlic
I'm a big fan of the original variety of Cholula, it's the perfect beginners hot sauce since it has a heat which almost anyone can manage, but packs in such a good taste. I usually have a bottle floating around somewhere since it's so versitile thanks to the big fresh flavour and splash on consistency.
Panola Cajun Hot Sauce Salsa Picante
I got this Panola sauce as part of a gift pack which came with a total of four sauces, and was surprisingly quite cheap for imported sauce (£4.99). Panola Cajun Hot Sauce Salsa Picante seems to be the 'Original' variety in the gift pack so I thought I would review it first.
Hot Diggidy Dog Hot Limed Original Pepper Sauce front
This is a limed variety of the Hot Diggidy Dog Hot Original Pepper Sauce I've reviewed last week, it comes in the same glass 57ml shake-on bottle, and has very similar ingredients.
Hot Diggidy Dog Hot Original Pepper Sauce front
Straight to point, no messing around, BOOM the big dog is here! Never before have I seen such lethal yet cute packaging in all the time I've been buying chilli sauces, and Hot Diggidy Dog's branding really stood out for me.
Frank’s RedHot Xtra Hot Sauce
Frank's RedHot sauce come in a few different varities which are all simular tasting, and have quite a watery consistency This variety of Frank's RedHot is 'Xtra Hot', and to be honest I always thought that the standard RedHot was quite weak in heat, and I much prefer this variety.
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