Carolina Reaper Chilli Sauce – Encona Sauces

Carolina Reaper Chilli Sauce by @enconasauces. Like a lot of folks in the UK, I was brought up on milk, bread, tea, and Encona sauces, and it’s great to see them bringing new sauces out after all this time. Dangerously, this sauce looks exactly like ketchup and has the same consistency too, but thankfully the ridiculously pungent aroma will stop you mixing them up… Honestly after opening the bottle you can smell this from across the room! Huge citrus chilli notes at first, tempered by a deep rich tomato base. The heat kicks in quickly – it’s a peppery, stinging, scratchy tongue heat at first, before slowly turning into a glowing burn around the mouth. The flavour is fantastic; you can taste the added orange juice, garlic, and cumin, and compliments the searing chilli heat well. First time I had this sauce was with some salmon and rice and it went perfectly. Since then I’ve had it on all kinds of food and it proving to be a super versatile sauce thanks to it’s simple, yet bold flavours. I was expecting this to be a little hotter, but it’s certainly a very hot sauce that really hurts after a while. Absolutely banging sauce, a bargain at £1.19! Rating: 4.5/5 – go buy some! from Instagram:

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