Scotch Bonnet Sweet Spicy Relish – The Chilli Jam Man 

Scotch Bonnet Sweet Spicy Relish by @thechillijamman. I’ve never been a fan of relish in the past, usually they are too sweet for my taste, but The Chilli Jam Man has won me over with this belter. The relish actually has a smooth jam like consistency, and a wonderful cherry red colour. Deliciously sweet, but balanced well with the savoury tomato and red win vinegar. The heat is medium and warms the mouth for a while, really nicely done. The fresh chilli comes through well, and combines with garlic to give a lovely fruity, almost black cherry flavour. This relish goes so so so well in cheese sandwiches, I don’t think I could eat one without it from now on! Also goes great on grilled meats and vegetables. Thank you Chilli Jam Man for restoring my faith in relish, this beautifully sweet, fruity, chilli pot of joy is now always at the front of my cupboard… and my mind! Supurb. Rating: 5/5. from Instagram:

Extra Hot Chilli – Crucial Sauce

Extra Hot Chilli by @crucial_sauce. No messing around, this is a straight-up simple chilli sauce comprised of just water, chilli (8%), artificial acid, artificial colour, preservative, and salt. It’s one-dimensional tasting, has an artificial tang, and I’m sure the chilli heat is coming from dried chilli rather than fresh.. this is basically roadside kebab van sauce. The simplicity of the sauce means it goes well with lots of different foods, and the high acidity means it goes well with particularly fatty items like chips, bacon, donner meat etc. £1 gets you 500ml; this is basically the Budweiser of the chilli sauce world – cheap, bland, and it’ll do the job if you have nothing else. Rating: 2.5/5 from Instagram:

SOUR JERK Mango Sauce – Sour Jerk 

That ladies and gentlemen is one beautiful hand painted bottle of sauce. SOUR JERK by @sourjerk. This sauce contains 51% Mango, Scotch Bonnets, Carrots, and Lime among other ingredients, and is really something quite unique. An extremely fresh tasting sauce, it feels like it’s just come out of a juice blender! Lovely thick creamy mango with some lime acidity, and strong garlic comes through at first. Stinging Scotch Bonnets heat follows and helps balance the subtle sweetness of the mango. A tropical island tasting sauce that has an addictive heat and is perfectly balanced between savoury & sweetness. The consistency is smoothie like, runny yet thick, and the sauce is beautiful gold peach colour. It has to be first bottle of chilli sauce I’ve opened with bottle opener! This is outstanding sauce, and congratulations @sourjerk for producing something so well crafted, and goddamn tasty! Rating: the highest 5/5 I’ve given yet. Hugely recommended. from Instagram:

Jamaican Jerk BBQ Sauce – Encona

A dark and peppery barbecue sauce with a Jerk twist, this sauce is packed with Jamaican flavour and fairly mild heat. Strong tomato ketchup flavour at first, but then the smokey Jerk taste comes through well and provides a nice balance to the sweetness. Nice lip stinging heat from the Habanero, but nothing serious and this heat is dulled when added to food. The strong black pepper and allspice really stays with you and provides good depth to what could have been an average bbq sauce. Goes great on a hot sizzling sausage, and fantastic on chicken and rice. Reggae Reggae sauce is still the King of Jerk BBQ sauces in my opinion, but this effort by Encona fairs well and only cost me £1! Rating: 4⃣/5⃣

Kutbilik XXXtra Hot Sauce – El YYucateco

Kutbilik XXXtra Hot Sauce by @elyucateco_hotsauce. An orange habanero sauce that has a strong onion and earthy cumin & coriander flavour to it. Loads of orange and lemon citrus flavour coming from the chillies. The heat seems mild at first, but soon builds up and has got me into trouble a few times when applied liberally. A very well balanced sauce, very savoury and little sweetness. The acidity is a little artificial, kinda gives you a similar mouthfeel to what sour sweets do – this will come from the inclusion of acetic acid – why not just use vinegar? A really great tasting sauce, goes well with chicken, fish, eggs, etc, I just wish it didn’t have that harsh acidity. Rating: 3.5/5. from Instagram:

Fatalli – Brighton Hot Stuff

Fatalli by @brightonhotstuff. A fantastic fresh smelling sauce; lots of Scotch Bonnet citrus aroma coming from the bottle. A runny, vinegar style sauce that has a beautiful glowing red/orange colour to it. Nice tangy acidity, lots of lemon and citrus peel coming through, rounded off by honey like sweetness. The heat is punchy yet mellow, and catches up with you after the sweetness passes. A wonderfully balanced sauce, this is one I found I was adding to almost everything I ate, including Hobnob biscuits! (try it). Really one of the best tasting sauces I’ve had in a long time. 8.5/10. from Instagram:

Buffalo Sauce – Meatlust

Buffalo Sauce by @meatlust. A thick, sticky, glossy sauce that has a fantastic bright neon-orange colour. A nice acidic heat from the cayenne, followed by a very sweet, caramel buttery flavour. It’s certainly something different, but I’m just not liking the combination of the butter flavour (comes from added butter powder) and the high sweetness. Sorry guys, I really don’t like this one, it’s far too sickly for me, and I’ve not found a use for it that I like. If the butter flavour was toned down I think it would be much nicer, it just tastes a bit artificial to me. However I think some people may really like this sauce, so I would say it’s worth a try if you like something sweeter. 4/10.

Trinidad Scorpion Chilli Peanuts – Hot-Headz

Trinidad Scorpion Chilli Peanuts by Hot-Headz. Labeled as “The hottest peanuts in the world”, these nuts seriously pack some punch. The heat comes after a few seconds, and BOOM hits like a tank. Serious intense heat on the tongue that stays isolated at first, and then shortly after spreads around the mouth and throat. The heat is raw tasting due to it being powder, and the nuts don’t offer a lot of overall flavour beyond the chilli. Not something I’d go back as a snack unless I felt a little sadistic. 5/10. from Instagram:

RedHot Xtra Hot – Franks

RedHot Xtra Hot by @franksredhot. An aged-cayenne and vinegar sauce that is famous for being the world’s most popular Buffalo Wing hot sauce. Sweet red pepper and mildly acidic flavour dominates, there is a hint of butteryness even though the sauce contains no fat. An itchy, peppery heat hits the throat, and a warm glow stays for a while in the mouth. This sauce is super versatile and goes so well on eggs, chicken, rice, pasta, sandwiches etc thanks to its simple flavour & heat. My ‘go to’ cheap and cheerful sauce, if you’ve not had this then get to your supermarket and give it a go! 7.5/10. #hotsaucereview #chillisaucereview #hotsauceuk #hotsauce #chillisauce #franksredhot #franks #iputthatshitoneverything #hotsauceoneverything from Instagram: