Carolina Reaper Chilli Sauce – Encona Sauces

Carolina Reaper Chilli Sauce by @enconasauces. Like a lot of folks in the UK, I was brought up on milk, bread, tea, and Encona sauces, and it’s great to see them bringing new sauces out after all this time. Dangerously, this sauce looks exactly like ketchup and has the same consistency too, but thankfully the ridiculously pungent aroma will stop you mixing them up… Honestly after opening the bottle you can smell this from across the room! Huge citrus chilli notes at first, tempered by a deep rich tomato base. The heat kicks in quickly – it’s a peppery, stinging, scratchy tongue heat at first, before slowly turning into a glowing burn around the mouth. The flavour is fantastic; you can taste the added orange juice, garlic, and cumin, and compliments the searing chilli heat well. First time I had this sauce was with some salmon and rice and it went perfectly. Since then I’ve had it on all kinds of food and it proving to be a super versatile sauce thanks to it’s simple, yet bold flavours. I was expecting this to be a little hotter, but it’s certainly a very hot sauce that really hurts after a while. Absolutely banging sauce, a bargain at £1.19! Rating: 4.5/5 – go buy some! from Instagram:

Christ on a Bike – The Ribman

Christ on a Bike by @theribman. A Scotch Bonnet and Naga chilli sauce that has a thick and bitty consistency, and a deep, herb-flecked orange colour. Certainly a unique tasting sauce, heavy with tomato and dried herbs, tastes a lot like a slow cooked ragu or bolognese sauce. The zingy flavour of the scotch bonnets complement the rich flavour of the tomato, garlic, and herbs. It’s difficult to explain, but this sauce tastes more like a hot-cooked sauce than one that you’d find cold in a bottle – it’s got a certain ‘home-made’ feel to it. The overall flavour is absolutely delicious and it’s certainly the sauce’s strong point. The stingy heat burns slow in the mouth – too much of this at once really hurts. The heat marries so well with the rich flavour of the sauce, and makes for a sauce that is super addictive and tasty. Christ on a Bike goes very well with fatty red meats, cheese, and other stronger flavoured foods… this is not a delicate tasting sauce! If you’ve had the infamous ‘Holy Fuck’ sauce, this hotter but almost identical in taste. Certainly one of my favourite sauces from the UK – a must-try! Rating: 5/5 from Instagram:

Cool Jalapeño Salsa – South Devon Chilli Farm.

Cool Jalapeño Salsa by South Devon Chilli Farm. A ‘Seed to Sauce’ product meaning all ingredients have been grown from scratch by the farm, brilliant! A delightfully sweet tomato and onion flavour takes stage here, with a very mild Jalapeño heat coming through. The salsa tastes incredibly fresh, and has a smoother texture than a lot of salsas and I think I prefer this. Slightly more sweet than savoury here which works well with salty foods. Obviously this goes great with crisps and chips, and goes really well in grilled meats and vegetables. A really delicious salsa, I just wish it had a little more Jalapeño flavour to it, but this is one of the better salsas available in the UK in my opinion. Rating: 4/5. @SDCF_CO_UK from Instagram:

Hot Habanero Chilli Pepper Sauce – Tesco

Hot Habanero Chilli Pepper Sauce by @tescofood. One of Tesco’s bargain 0.70p sauces, the Habanero variety is certainly the hottest of the range that I’ve tried. The sauce is super acidic and slightly sour, and the chilli heat instantly burns your mouth upon impact. Little bit of mango & citrus fruitiness comes through at first, followed by just a hint of mustard. The sauce tastes quite creamy overall, I’m not sure why it works well nonetheless. This goes well with fatty foods, but I found it too acidic to go with more delicate foods like eggs or chips. A really good effort, however I’m not so keen on the high acidity but for 70p it’s certainly worth a purchase! Rating: 3/5. from Instagram:

The Squealer – Tubby Tom’s

The Squealer by @tubbytoms. A scotch bonnet hot sauce comprising entirely of natural ingredients including red wine vinegar, tomato, garlic, and smoked paprika. At first the sauce is tangy, fruity and perfectly acidic. It then evolves into a rich smokey, garlicky, tomato tasting sauce that is just so goddamn tasty…I mean, I have been eating this straight from the bottle it’s that good. The heat is medium hot – a lovely natural heat from the bonnets that doesn’t provide unnecessary burn like a lot of harsher sauces. The Squealer could actually be a good sauce for a chilli newbie since the huge, delicious taste outweighs the overall heat. Put this addictive flavour nectar into a bottle with some great artwork and you’ve got yourself a winner. This is my third bottle of The Squealer and I usually get through it in days, it’s beautifully balanced and devine tasting. Well done Tubby Tom’s, big things ahead for this chap I sense. Rating: 5/5. Squealing good. from Instagram:

Scotch Bonnet Sweet Spicy Relish – The Chilli Jam Man 

Scotch Bonnet Sweet Spicy Relish by @thechillijamman. I’ve never been a fan of relish in the past, usually they are too sweet for my taste, but The Chilli Jam Man has won me over with this belter. The relish actually has a smooth jam like consistency, and a wonderful cherry red colour. Deliciously sweet, but balanced well with the savoury tomato and red win vinegar. The heat is medium and warms the mouth for a while, really nicely done. The fresh chilli comes through well, and combines with garlic to give a lovely fruity, almost black cherry flavour. This relish goes so so so well in cheese sandwiches, I don’t think I could eat one without it from now on! Also goes great on grilled meats and vegetables. Thank you Chilli Jam Man for restoring my faith in relish, this beautifully sweet, fruity, chilli pot of joy is now always at the front of my cupboard… and my mind! Supurb. Rating: 5/5. from Instagram:

Extra Hot Chilli – Crucial Sauce

Extra Hot Chilli by @crucial_sauce. No messing around, this is a straight-up simple chilli sauce comprised of just water, chilli (8%), artificial acid, artificial colour, preservative, and salt. It’s one-dimensional tasting, has an artificial tang, and I’m sure the chilli heat is coming from dried chilli rather than fresh.. this is basically roadside kebab van sauce. The simplicity of the sauce means it goes well with lots of different foods, and the high acidity means it goes well with particularly fatty items like chips, bacon, donner meat etc. £1 gets you 500ml; this is basically the Budweiser of the chilli sauce world – cheap, bland, and it’ll do the job if you have nothing else. Rating: 2.5/5 from Instagram:

SOUR JERK Mango Sauce – Sour Jerk 

That ladies and gentlemen is one beautiful hand painted bottle of sauce. SOUR JERK by @sourjerk. This sauce contains 51% Mango, Scotch Bonnets, Carrots, and Lime among other ingredients, and is really something quite unique. An extremely fresh tasting sauce, it feels like it’s just come out of a juice blender! Lovely thick creamy mango with some lime acidity, and strong garlic comes through at first. Stinging Scotch Bonnets heat follows and helps balance the subtle sweetness of the mango. A tropical island tasting sauce that has an addictive heat and is perfectly balanced between savoury & sweetness. The consistency is smoothie like, runny yet thick, and the sauce is beautiful gold peach colour. It has to be first bottle of chilli sauce I’ve opened with bottle opener! This is outstanding sauce, and congratulations @sourjerk for producing something so well crafted, and goddamn tasty! Rating: the highest 5/5 I’ve given yet. Hugely recommended. from Instagram:

Jamaican Jerk BBQ Sauce – Encona

A dark and peppery barbecue sauce with a Jerk twist, this sauce is packed with Jamaican flavour and fairly mild heat. Strong tomato ketchup flavour at first, but then the smokey Jerk taste comes through well and provides a nice balance to the sweetness. Nice lip stinging heat from the Habanero, but nothing serious and this heat is dulled when added to food. The strong black pepper and allspice really stays with you and provides good depth to what could have been an average bbq sauce. Goes great on a hot sizzling sausage, and fantastic on chicken and rice. Reggae Reggae sauce is still the King of Jerk BBQ sauces in my opinion, but this effort by Encona fairs well and only cost me £1! Rating: 4⃣/5⃣